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In chidon, you will be shown among persian language contacts, websites, emails, etc.

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Payment with digital currency
for now, payments are done with digital currency and pay into the wallet of chidon and back up. After confirmation, the back up will give you a registration code.

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Chidon is a good way to introduce your business Chidon is a suitable solution to enter the world of Persian speakers
Here you can take advantage of the unique features of Chidon after creating your Chidon link. To create, click on the Create link.
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ثبت در بانک اطلاعات چیدون 4.9.5 en

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آیدی خود را وارد کنید .

توجه داشته باشید که این میتواند شامل حروف فارسی و یا انگلسی و عدد باشد .
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کمتر از 8 کاراکتر و بیشتر از 250 کاراکتر مجاز نیست


فرم زیر را پر کرده و پشتیبان چیدون با شما ارتباط خواهد گرفت .

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Charging the account with digital currency

To top up your account with digital currency, you must first select the type of account. Then copy the desired wallet address and transfer the desired amount to it. Take a screenshot of your deposit and send it to Telegram number 09936916007. When sending, mention the type of your service, Chidon back up will send you a discount code for purchasing services, which you can use to make your purchase.


Wallet addresses

Bitcoin btc :


Ethereum eth :


Tether usdt :


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Mockup ready

If you have designed or purchased a product or design or even a logo, the best way to test and check the final work is to use mockups. Just replace the design. These products can also be customized.
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